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ABC Portuguese, is an app review to learn Portuguese interactively

Portuguese is a language of great importance because many people in the world speak it; Specifically, one of the largest countries in the American continent uses an adaptation of it as its main language. 

Of course, it is about Brazil, although in Portugal this language is also used in a more formal way. That is why, this time we will talk about the Portuguese ABC app; with which you can learn the language interactively.

Goodbye boring classes!

Children have the great ability to learn things at great speed when they are in their earliest stages; since, your brain behaves like a sponge and absorbs knowledge through all the senses. In adulthood, this ability is not lost, we just put it aside to apply other methods. However, today the use of all the senses of perception to acquire knowledge is more and more in force.

In view of this, the ABC Portuguese application was designed, in which you can interactively learn the most basic of the language; since it is a multimedia app that integrates several cognitive teaching methods.

So, through the games you will be able to quickly acquire the most basic notions of the language; as well as, advance and better specify the knowledge from slightly more complex lessons. Learn more about this app below.

How is the dynamic at ABC Portugués?

As we mentioned before, the integration of all the senses to improve learning is a current trend; although according to the great scholars of psychology the human learning process is divided into three groups .

Which are the visual, auditory group and the combination of both known as kinesthetic. Now, it has now been proven that through entertainment and fun experiences; knowledge can be better fixed using association.

Therefore, in ABC Portugués the main dynamic is based on short games that stimulate brain function ; in which the most elementary knowledge of the language is taught to create a solid foundation.

Specifically, they use the association of images with meaningful text, audio, challenges, dynamics, among others. Thus, in ABC Portugués you will find a menu with categories subdivided into elementary information. For example, numbers, animals, fruits, food, verbs among others.

Why is ABC Portuguese a prominent option?

One of the best qualities of children is that through fun and play they can learn anything; With this in mind, adults can also take advantage of this ability to quickly advance in learning .

Therefore, the ABC Portuguese application has everything you need to learn the basics of the language ; which is especially beneficial for those who do not have any notion about it.

Then, by going through all the basic lessons, you will be able to access some more complex ones that put what you have learned to the test . As is the case with the verb lessons in which you will have to learn to conjugate sentences from words.

Also, this application is ideal because it offers an important audiovisual component by native speakers; with which, you will be able to work on the correct pronunciation of the words, record it and evaluate the progress obtained after the study time.

Download ABC Portuguese Language Learning App

Download Portuguese Language Learning App

Without a doubt, this application represents a very fun alternative to learn Brazilian Portuguese. Because, as we mentioned before, this is a bit more informal than Portuguese from Portugal.

It means that if you need to know about the Portuguese of that country, you will have to look for another application. On the other hand, this is a very attractive alternative since it is a free app.

It is available for Android devices only, in the case of having iOS you can search for other options on our website. It should be noted that the app will request multiple high-level permissions to provide the best experience ; such as access to the camera, microphone, among others, you should not hesitate to assign them. If you dared to download it, you can do it easily by accessing the following link.

 ABC Portuguese | Download for Android

In conclusion, with the help of this application you will be able to learn the most elementary Portuguese in an interactive way and in simple steps. 

Since, it is based on games and associative dynamics to unconsciously create enough vocabulary to form sentences; After this, you can test your knowledge with more complex lessons within the application. The best thing is that it is a free alternative compatible with all Android terminals.

What do ou think of ABC Portuguese? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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