Wlingua App Review

Wlingua is the best app for learning languages

Learning a language can be a long and difficult process if you don’t have the ideal tools to do it; much more because it is expensive and time consuming to attend face-to-face classes anywhere. 

In view of this, it is necessary to explore more viable options for working from home. A clear example of this is the Wlingua app, with which you can learn several languages ​​in a practical way. Find the details and download links below.

Use your mobile for more than just social networks!

best language learning for social media network
best language learning for social media network

It is true that the main function of mobile phones is to provide us with a fast and effective means of communication . However, as technology advances, there are more and more uses that can be given to this equipment.

Although in general, we tend to use them only for leisure and spend a lot of time on social networks. Therefore, it is important to publicize other fantastic and productive alternatives to invest time; as is the case with apps to learn languages.

An excellent example of these apps is Wlingua, with which you can learn several languages ​​very easily. It is a mobile application that includes practical lessons to learn notions about languages ; so that you can invest your free time in collecting information of interest to increase your knowledge.

In it, you will find all the elements you need to develop vocabulary and writing in several languages ; learn more details below.

How does Wlingua work?

This application works in a similar way to other apps to learn languages ​​available in the market; although it stands out above the rest thanks to the fact that it has a really simple interface that is easy to adapt to.

In fact, Wlingua can be used by everyone in the household to learn languages ​​without restrictions . Mainly, because it organizes its lessons by levels that go from the most basic to more complex language lessons.

On the other hand, the lessons offered by Wlingua have nothing to do with those taught in a classroom; since, it takes advantage of being a mobile application to integrate many multimedia elements within them .

Consequently, you will be able to find images, figures and audio produced by native speakers of the language; which ensures that all the exercises are correct and will generate specific knowledge when using this app . It means that you can advance as much as you want in learning the available languages.

Benefits of using Wlingua

One of the great problems of applications to learn languages ​​is that they are not well organized; Therefore, they usually start with very complex lessons, assuming that there is prior knowledge.

On the other hand, with Wlingua you can start with the most basic notions of the language if you need it ; If not, you can also skip the first lessons and position yourself in the one you want according to the degree of previous knowledge.

Download Wlingua Premium Apk

Wlingua Apk

If you want to start learning a language from the most basic point to the most complex, this application is your choice. Before doing so, you should know that it is not a completely free application.

Specifically, you will be able to download and install it without paying a penny, but its features will be limited. In the free version of this app you will only have access to 400 input words ; To unlock the remaining 3,000 words, you must make a payment within the app.

One of the great problems of applications to learn languages ​​is that they are not well organized; Therefore, they usually start with very complex lessons, assuming that there is prior knowledge.

On the other hand, it is also a problem when learning with the mobile that the applications are boring; this is why Wlingua integrates dynamic game-based lessons to keep our interest . In addition, it has a system of points to encourage that are stored in our progress analysis; with which, you will be able to unlock more complex lessons and learn much more as you progress with this application.

To do so, you must go to the store integrated in the application and provide the relevant data to pay. The cost to pay to access all the words and exercises in the application is only 4.49 euros ; quite affordable according to the benefits.

It should be noted that this application is only available for the iOS operating system at the moment; If you have Android, you can explore more options on our website. Below is the direct download link.

 Wlingua English | Download for iOS

Wlingua French | Download for iOS

 Wlingua German | Download for iOS

 Wlingua Italian | Download for iOS

Wlingua Russian | Download for iOS

Finally, with the help of applications like Wlingua it is much easier to learn languages ​​on our own; In addition, they serve to give a more productive use to the mobile instead of wasting hours on social networks.

For this reason, although this application is not entirely free, it is worth the investment; much more because the price to pay is really accessible.

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